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Electrical Expertise, Envolved: Brains Automation


Optimal Performance Meets Aesthetic Elegance

Explore where technology and design converge, as we deliver audio and video solutions that boast not only impeccable performance but also unrivalled aesthetic coherence with your interiors. We honor your décor and design preferences, ensuring technology enhances, rather than intrudes upon, your stylistic vision.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Your desires and requirements take center stage as we curate audio and video setups tailored to your needs. From intimate, cozy setups to grand, all-encompassing systems, we mold our technologies to suit your unique spatial and experiential requirements.

Why Entrust Your Senses to Us

Innovation-Led: Engage with the latest in audio and visual technology.
Bespoke Solutions: Experience solutions uniquely crafted to your needs.
Expert Craftsmanship: Rest easy with our seasoned, meticulous experts.
End-to-End Support: From conception to aftercare – we’re with you all the way.
Sophistication in Every Note and Pixel

Whether it’s relishing the subtle tones of a symphony, being enveloped by the roars of an action scene, or ensuring your business’s presentations are lucid and impactful – our audio and video services are here to craft experiences that linger. Immerse yourself in a world where every sound and scene is a spectacle, sculpted precisely for you.

From 'Genius Electric' to 'Brains Automation': A Journey Illuminated by Innovation

In our genesis as "Genius Electric", we championed electrical excellence in every project undertaken. With a resilient and bright spirit, we transitioned to "Brains Automation", where our journey transformed into a synthesis of electrical expertise and smart home innovation. Today, we stand as a beacon in the realm of electrical services and home automation, igniting the future with our progressive solutions.

In Partnership with PG&E, Powering Forward

Our strategic partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) propels our offerings to electrifying heights. From seamless panel upgrades to intricate electrical installations, our synergistic alliance ensures that our clients receive not just unrivaled service, but also adherence to the utmost industry standards, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency in every electrical service rendered.

Household Wiring and More: We Illuminate Every Corner

At Brains Automation, we treasure the trust that our clients place in our services, and that reflects in our meticulous approach towards whole-house wiring. Regardless of your dwelling’s archetype, our wiring services are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that every nook and cranny of your abode is optimally lit and energetically efficient.


What They're Saying

Edgar is a gentleman and a professional. He communicates constantly and comes through on his promise. He makes sure that everything is done correctly, cleans and does a safety walkthrough at the end. He really makes sure that the customer is 100% satisfied and follows up with you days after the job. Thanks for your help with hooking up the electrical for the sauna!

Manuel V. Lafayette CA
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