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Electrical Service Panel

Electrical Expertise, Envolved: Brains Automation

From 'Genius Electric' to 'Brains Automation': A Journey Illuminated by Innovation

In our genesis as "Genius Electric", we championed electrical excellence in every project undertaken. With a resilient and bright spirit, we transitioned to "Brains Automation", where our journey transformed into a synthesis of electrical expertise and smart home innovation.

Today, we stand as a beacon in the realm of electrical services and home automation, igniting the future with our progressive solutions.

Repairing Electrical Panel

Household Wiring and More: We Illuminate Every Corner

At Brains Automation, we treasure the trust that our clients place in our services, and that reflects in our meticulous approach towards whole-house wiring. Regardless of your dwelling’s archetype, our wiring services are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that every nook and cranny of your abode is optimally lit and energetically efficient.

electrical service
Electrical Services

Correction of Codes: Ensuring Every Circuit Complies

Safety is wired into our ethos. Our seasoned electricians delve into the intricacies of electrical codes, ensuring that your home or business adheres to all local and international electrical standards. From the seamless rectification of existing code discrepancies to implementing compliant installations on new projects, our commitment to safety and legality is unwavering.

Lighting Installation: Where Precision and Aesthetics Meet

Our lighting installation services intertwine functionality with aesthetic splendor. Whether it’s the subtle elegance of recessed lighting or the dramatic flair of statement fixtures, our installations pave the way for an ambiance that is uniquely yours, illuminating your spaces in a manner that mirrors your preferences and style

Modern House Exterior, Lighting Installation

Brains Automation invites you to navigate through the electrifying realms of smart, safe, and sophisticated electrical solutions. Embark on a journey where traditional electrical service meets innovative smart home solutions, all under one roof, all curated with your optimal experience in mind.

Connect with us, and let’s illuminate a pathway to an electrified future, where your spaces are not just powered but empowered with intelligence, safety, and avant-garde technological prowess.

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